Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guess where I've been

We just got home from camping in Pismo. My father in law likes us to go every year around his birthday which happens to be the day before mine. This year it was special, it's his 50th! Here's a pic of me and the kids making silly faces. I've decided that no matter how awful I think I look in pics, I don't want for my children someday to look for a picture of me with them in their childhood, and find nothing. I want my kids to look back, and think "yeah, mom was kinda cool" So there's my post for tonight.
In other news, my friend from church has passed away, and even though I have more pismo pics to post, my heart is busy with thoughts of her, and her family's grief, and most of all her new home. I'm praying for her family...