Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free Printable Love Scripture Bag

Hey there! Just stopping in to put up a freebie for my friends!! I use every opportunity I can to teach my children about the Lord, and when valentines comes up, I don't teach them anything about Saint Valentine. Instead, I use the LOVE atmosphere to teach them about the Love of God. I also use this time as an opportunity to spread the word out to their classmates! I usually make their cards or treats, the kids have fun with it. They're finally old enough to cut paper decently, and use the glue sticks without eating any!! Haha. So, for all you other moms on the same page, here's a "Love" goodie bag, equipped with a scripture and all!!

To save to your computer, just click on the image above. Once the new window opens with ONLY THE IMAGE right click on the image, and click save as into your computer. Easy right?!