Monday, December 28, 2009

My Handmade Christmas

I made 3 of these outfits for all of my girlies. The finished product had red buttons going down the middle of the t-shirt. I LOVE the way they came out! I was super excited making these gifts! Did you see the flower? Want me to teach you how to make it? I was thinking how I really want to put up a tutorial of some sort, but I don't get any comments. So if you want a flower clip tutorial, LET ME KNOW! Oh, by the way, sorry about the poor photo quality, I was dead tired, and finished this super late at night. So, Hannah Grace, Savannah, and Gabby all got handmade christmas gifts! Now what am I going to do for next year?!!


Jamie said...

Umm.. Love it! And my birthday is in July, my favorite colors are bright pink, or any bright color. =)