Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sister In Law purse!

Okay, so I never put my crafts or sewing projects on this blog, but I was so excited about this one I decided to show you all what I did!
This year with my hubby out of work I decided I would make a few gifts. Even though I spent a little too much on fabric, it still comes out less expensive. So anyways, we usually only buy gifts for the kids in my family, but this year I thought it would be nice to make all of my beautiful sister in laws a purse! And since I have a niece who is 9 I thought I'd make her one too. So, I picked this cute fabric for her, and my youngest sister in law. This one is Savannah's, I'm not completely finished with it yet. I'm thinking I'll add a pocket on the inside and outside, and I'm going to screen print an "S" on the front! So, what do you think?
What would you say if I said I was thinking about putting up a tutorial for you to try this for yourself? It's really easy, if you're a beginner, I'm sure you'd be able to tackle this with no problems. Let me know! See if maybe now i'll get a comment or 2! :)


Anonymous said...

That bag looks completely awesome!! I want one! I so wish I could sew, your lucky!!

Anonymous said...

omg! that looks so cute! i really love that style!