Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well, I know I've already shared these pics with y'all, but I was having some fun with clipping masks, and templates, and designed one for myself. I wanted to use it right away, to test it out, and all my client pics are on cd's, and my kids are in my comp files, so I decided to use them again. This template would be more for a baby. I also designed a back for it, but it's pretty plain, and more for wording, so you really don't need to see it. I'm thinking about designing a few more, and putting them in my etsy shop. I've only ever sold one item from that place, but maybe I'll sell some more if I add more to my shop... You think? ... :) anywhoo, I loved the colors, LOVED my new digital papers, and of course I love my little girl. Give me some feedback on what you think about the template. I'd love to know.