Monday, June 21, 2010


Yesterday was fathers day. I know this post is a day late, but as I said, yesterday was fathers day, and we were kinda busy. But I did want to write a bit about the two most important fathers in my life. first of all, my husband. My love who is a wonderful father, and husband is never short of ideas, or jokes (or sometimes lies:) He's always ready to toss the football, or up for a wresteling match! My boys mimic EVERYTHING he does. If daddy does it, then the boys wanna do it. Daddy's a rams fan, and the boys are rams fans. Daddy's a preacher, and the boys wanna preach too! (can't complain about that one) Any boy would be lucky to have him for a father, and I'm glad my boys have him. He is a treasure.
(Slip n sliding in the front yard with the kids)

then ofursemy own dad. This year is the fourth year without him. He passed away in 2006, january. I miss him so much i'm amazed I can breath. There's never a day, or a moment that he's not on my mind. Tears still pour. My heart still aches. Whoever said that time heals all was wrong on this one. Because the longer I go without seeing him, the more I miss him. Everyday that passes without me seeing him, the more I realize that I won't see him the next day either. My kids won't have their papa at their graduation. Hannah never got to meet him. Gabriel still remembers him a lot. He still cries sometimes. Gabe and papa were best friends. Gabriel was papa's wing man.
My dad was awesome. He loved us like crazy. I never went to sleep feeling like he didn't love me. Sometimes we didn't have a place to live, and sometimes we barely had any food, but we ALWAYS knew we were loved. And he would feed us before he fed himself. He'd buy us toys, and candy instead of clothes for himself even though he needed them.

(this is my dad here when my brother and I were 3 and 4 years old. notice his shirt? It's a picture of my brother and I.)

Here we all are. The sanchez family. My dad was a super rams fan. His head stone actually has a rams helmet on it! We knew what he would want.

Here is my dad and my brother when my dad was in the hospital. I took my dad to the hospital in november, mid november i think. We waited for 3 hours in the oncology room. I didn't even know what oncology was. Then we saw a young man with no hair or eyebrows, and that's when I got nervous. My dad too. When we went in to the exam room, the doctor didnt have a hopeful look. Then he said that my dad had acute leukemia. It was agressive. I looked at my dad, and smiled and said "well, let's make lemonade" He smiled at me, then cried. Then I tried to call my brother from the hospital bathroom, and then my hubby. It only took 2 months for the cancer to take him.

Here's a pic of me gabe, and my dad. He came to church that night. This was way before cancer.

My dad and Gabe. They got off to a rough start, but they loved eachother for sure. My dad knew that Gabe was gonna take care of his daughter. I don't think a father could have asked for a better son in law. So many rememberies.

And here they are again. The two buds. He's got primer all over his hands in this pic. My dad left his el camino (it's a cruck) to little gabe. He's also left us with tons of memories. Not enough pictures, and heavy hearts in his absense. I'm forever a daddy's girl.