Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Visor Tutorial Coming Soon!


So my blog here is neglected. I am so sorry. (as if anyone reads it anywhoo), but I thought I'd share something since I am so often inspired by the 2.5 million blogs I read EVERY CHANCE I GET. This morning, 2 of my friends from church were going to come by to take a quick lesson in learning how to sew, so you know that meant I woke up early, and cleaned up the mess that was supposed to be my living room. Then, I finished with time to spare, so of course, on to blogger I went, and while surfing the internet for school clothes deals, I saw a visor, and I thought the classic "I bet I could make that", so I sat back in my hubby's chair, and imagined a pattern, and the process. Then I got up, and made one. I was careful to use fabric I wouldn't mind failing on, but was good enough that if it didn't come out horrendous, H could still use. It's rare that a project without a lot of planning, or patern that I try actually comes out right, but this one.... I love. And I'm not trying to brag (because really, who am I), BUT I'm super duper ooper shmooper impressed with myself! It actually worked! Woo Hoo! so, I'm going to work on a tutorial this weekend, and I will try to have it up next week. Ive never done one of these before, so I hope it comes out well.