Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hannah Banana-Bear

Isn't she lovely?... Isn't she wonderful?....Made from love.
I love this little girl. I can't stop taking pictures of her. And pretty soon, before I even see it coming, she's gonna be one of the guys with her brothers, always dirty... Always making a face right before I click the shutter... or turning their head. I remember when the boys were young, I could pose them, prop them, flash a silly face, and get what I wanted out of them, and now... well.... they make good "boys" that's for sure. And I know Hannah too will one day not cooperate with my lens in her face constantly, but for now. When she has no choice, I'm gonna soak it up. So bear with me will you, because here's another one of this baby girl that I'm sure any reader of this blog is familiar with.