Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby Girl

Here are some photos of my little girl at 2 mos. She was already picking her head up, and kicking to crawl. I just love these pics. I probably won't get any of her like this for a long time. She is SUCH THE WIGGLEWORM! I can't get her to be still for one second! This one was my favorite! I love the pink blanket, Her big eyes, and the direction that she's looking in. Yes, she was looking at me. She's probably wondering "what is up with my mom, and all the goo goo ga ga noises?" "grown-ups are wierd" I always wonder what babies think when they see grown ups act all goofy. Sometimes they just stare at us with those blank faces that make us feel silly. Am I alone on this one?
This one is sooo cute. She's making a funky face, but I love it anyways.

Why yes, this is a picture of Elijah!... Oh wait!, No that's Hannah! oops my bad. They look like they could of been twins! In fact, the very first thing I said when I first saw her was "oh my gosh, she looks just like Elijah!" And she does.


Anonymous said...

oh, my goodness! she is so cute! this is a great photo! you have such talent!