Thursday, August 13, 2009

Class of 09 Senior Session CHELA

Here are some samples of my very good friend "Chela's" Senior session. She is gorgeous! On the inside and the out! She's got beauty, and brains! She's off to college this fall, away from home. *sniff sniff* Gonna miss her. We had so much fun on this session. The weather was decent. A little on the warm side, but not too bad. Look at her skin! I'm so jealous. How many teenagers have skin like this?!

Even close up. No flaws. On this one, you might be wondering why she's looking at her hand like that. Well, there was a pretty little ladybug visiting with us who decided to fly away just as the camera went click! But it's still a breathtaking pose, and so I had to show it.

I always ask the seniors if they practiced for their portraits in the mirror before coming to a session. That way they feel more confident, and know which poses show their personality, and which ones don't. Well, when I asked this senior, she said yeah, and posed for me just to back it up! She's soo coooool.

Her boyfriend is one lucky guy! So is that college!

Ah... had fun with this girl. And Chela, if you're checkin this out, just know that I think you're awesome. Be blessed in college, I know you'll do great things! Love u!