Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pick a logo, any logo...

Okay, so I have been trying, and trying to make this "perfect" "jessica" logo, but there's just too many sides of me. Ugh! I really really need your help! HELP!! Which one do you like? Which one says "jessica" the best? Tell me the truth. This one's cute, colorful, and spunky! I like it a lot. It's like the funner sweeter side of life eh?

And this one, well, yes it's plain, but I can add color to it. Design wise, what do you think? If I change the color, which colors do you think? Do you love the flower for the i?

Here we've got hot pink, and black. I'm not that cool, but I think there's a teency piece of me that likes to think I'm somewhat hip.. ish. Besides, I could totally see this one on the corner of a senior portrait!

This one here is cute, colorful, sweet, not really hip, but professional (ish), and I think it's got my personality. U tell me.

I think I like this one the least. Well, I like it. It looks professional. But it's kinda too fancy for me, but I kind of like the fancy. Again, I could change it up a bit. If I do, what would you suggest?


Anonymous said...

All these are all awesome i cant wait 2 be a senior. My opinion is all bad. TTYL. Bubbas AKA Elisheba

jamie said...

i like the third one with the hot pink and black! very fun and professional =D