Sunday, August 23, 2009

I (heart) sunday's

Today is sunday. It is a good day. If you don't mind, I feel like sharing with you something personal. For the past 4 days I have been going through a spiritual battle. It's like I was given a test in the faith area, and sadly realized that I was below my expectations. On thursday my husband lost his job. Since then, there was an overwhelming sense of worry knotting up inside my stomache. But what's so wierd about that you ask? Anyone going through a similar trial might have the same feelings. It's true. But I, being a child of the living God, the most high, know that my husband's company did not provide for us. It did not give us food on our table, God did. It didn't give us clothes on our back, God did. But then, all of a sudden, I'm hit with the thought that if this company isn't going to give us money, how will we live. Instead of relying on my faith, I ran to worry. I let it creep, and crawl on the insides where my faith should have been.
Really, it's been a tough week. But then sunday came. Today. I went to church. Actually, I woke up early, and fasted, then went to a womens conference, then to sunday school, then finally to service. And in that brief 1 and a half hour, God did something so..... so.... just like Him. He healed me. He spoke to me. As I was at the altar saying to God "What are we going to do in 2 weeks?! I have children! How can this be ok?! What about this upcoming bill? Tires on the car? INSURANCE?! Oh Jesus, what about food?!" His soft gentle, loving voice said to me. My daughter, whom I love, I know the plans I have for you. I'm going to give you a hope. I'm going to give you a future. And most certainly, I am not going to harm you."
And that was it. He came to give me THAT word. I know that scripture. I have it memorized. But today, it wasn't something I remembered when I was praying, it was something HE told me because HE wanted me to know that He was in control. And I may not know the plans, the fix, the solution, BUT HE DOES. And while He's working He just wants me to know that I have a hope, and a future, and He's going to prosper me, and not hurt me.
Thank you Lord. For loving me so. And for putting up with my faithlessness when by now I should already know these things. He's such a good counselor. If you haven't tried Jesus, then I suggest you do. You will never have a friend like Him.
Oh, before I forget. (LOL) I posted some new pics for you all! This is my dear little friend Abby. My boys absolutely LOVE HER! They've all been friends since diapers. Actually, sometimes they fight over who gets to marry her. Silly boys, they don't know this yet, but they're not allowed to marry. Uh uh. No siree. They're also not allowed to grow up. Besides. I'm sure abby's daddy is going to send her to be a nun! Sorry boys! (p.s. don't tell abby the embarassing part about my boys fighting over her) Little gabe would KILL ME!!
Oh MAN!! This beautiful girl is one of my dearest friends! She's truly like a little sister! I love her so much. She's so photogenic. She's so pretty. Funny. Sweet. She's got it all. Best of all though, she loves the Lord. Genuinly loves Him. These are really old pics. She graduated 2 years ago. I think. Enjoy.
Ah nini. You're such a friend. You chose me to do your senior pictures when I was just starting out. AhHH! What if I would've messed up?! Thanks for trusting me. Besides who could possibly make this girl look bad?! Seriously!
Be Blessed my friends.